Georg , after the german artist Georg Herold.

Georg chair is a study of Herold’s technique within the domain of furniture. The materials and techniques overlap with the world of furniture. the results is furniture freed from their original product constrains. 

Dark matter  is an irrational solution. It is a guardian doll, armed with the child’s own teeth. The doll has silicone ‘gums’ and as milk teeth fall, they can be placed within the gums, giving the doll it’s gruesome appearance.

Bastard Materials   porcelain and rubber tableware.

The porcelain is cut and parts of it removed. The missing matter is then replaced with injected rubber, creating a curious tactile relasionship between the two materials

Hammered and Wasted   Two sets of furniture for the Bloomberg offices made entirely from materials reclaimed from their waste facility in London. 

Under Construction

​Alon Meron Design

Endoskeleton   we put down our belongings and find a place for every thing and in doing so we draw the map by which we'll live our lives, moving from room to room, from one thing to the other. By the time we leave, we will have left trodden paths in the floor

Timber blind is a reiteration of this casual beauty of timber. It’s a random branch, a simple industrial process and a functional result. It’s a venetian blind. It opens, closes and rotates. 

The Aristocrats   Father was a bean bag, Mother was a chesterfield sofa; the Aristocrats are a series of all-fabric seats, filled with polystyrene micro beads. More posh than a beanbag still just as slouchy.