​​​​​​Alon Meron Design

This is one I dovetailed for mechanical grip. A gesture really; the rubber resin bonds beautifully with the porous wood by itself.

The porcelain is cut using diamond tools. The thin blades (0.2mm) allow for sketch like lines to be cut.

The cut bowl is then place in a silicone mould and the missing matter is replaced with rubber. 

This set is made of hard resin and soft rubber. Unlike the sharp contact point of rubber and porcelain, the two resins blend into one another in a very organic manner. 

Bastard materials    porcelain and rubber tableware
Porcelain and rubber stand for two opposite worlds. Porcelain is a ceramic material. It is 'earthy' by nature and represents thousands of years of skilled craft and tradition.
Rubber, in contrast, has little legacy. It is not natural and owes its existence to man. As all plastics, it still needs to fight its image as a mere substitute for other, more precious materials.

The porcelain is cut using water jet and diamond blades and parts of it are removed. The missing matter is then replaced with injected flexible rubber. 

Using the two materials together reveals a surprising relationship. The porcelain maintains its fragile coolness and the rubber urges you to bend and squeeze it. 

Materials: porcelain, polyurethane rubber