​​​​​​Alon Meron Design

Dark matter  When a child complains that there is a monster under their bed, usually our response as adults is to shine a light under there and show them “see, nothing there” and in doing so we are killing bit by bit the part of the psyche that can accommodate the irrational. Shining a light under the bed is a rational solution to an irrational issue.

Dark matter is an irrational solution. It is a guardian doll, armed with the child’s own teeth. The doll has silicone ‘gums’ and as milk teeth fall, they can be placed within the gums, giving the doll it’s gruesome appearance.

Made from glazed ceramic, it’s almost indifferent to the passage of time. This makes it an object to be kept for life. Much like a locket with a lock of hair in it, it’s an organic memento of the how we were and a reminder of our capacity for the irrational.

2004. glazed ceramic slip, silicone putty, children’s teeth

also in white