​​​​​​Alon Meron Design

I made a second 'timber blind' from thin laser cut birch ply, following lines taken from regular timber panels. The striking thing about the result was the smell. The genuine timber blind smelled like wood. The laser cut version smelled heavily of burnt plastic.

Timber Blind

This project begins with timber panel fences.
Wooden panel fences are a bit of an unsung hero for me. They provide a pleasant ‘dose’ of timber that surrounds you in a London garden.  They take the edge of an entirely man made environment. The live edge on the individual slats and the knots in them tell which slats were once together, one tree.  It's a similar sensation to finding a fossil in a broken rock. They very casually show the beauty of natural stuff from the inside.

Exposed to the elements, these fences simply grow old and wither. As trees do. They defy trends and completely miss the idea of fashionable.  It’s a welcome reminder of a natural pace and a natural colour palette.

Timber blind is a reiteration of this casual beauty of timber. It’s a random branch, a simple industrial process and a functional result. It’s a venetian blind. It opens, closes and rotates. 

Materials: London plane, venetian blind mechanism 

Dim: 120x10x20cm