The 'rib cage' is a response to the animal like form that is being sculptured but it also acts as cushioning. The thin wooden ribs are sprung on semi rigid foam and give under the weight when sat on.

The chair is still a four legged beast, like most chairs. One of the joys of shifting from a rigid chair-like stance to a more animalistic one is the way it becomes almost unrecognisable from certain angles. like a contorted live model.  

Georg, after the german artist Georg Herold.
Herold’s work struck a chord with me when I first saw it. The materials he uses: timber, foam and fabric made perfect sense in the context of furniture. Structure, padded upholstery and fabrics; his sculptures were like recomposed furniture to me, freed from the need to be functional. All skin and bones, they made no effort to be comfortable. My first thoughts was “how did I not think of it”

Georg (aka 'Bad Dog') chairs are a study of Herold’s technique within the domain of furniture. The capacity of the technique to capture posture lends itself willingly to the animalistic nature of 4 legged furniture. This becomes a chair you ‘straddle’ or ‘ride’ rather than just ‘sit’ on. 

Materials: softwood, wool, rubber

Dim: 60X60X80cm


​​​​​​Alon Meron Design

The texture of the skin varies with the type of fabric used. I used black liquid rubber to seal and tighten the skin.